Starting An Actual Blog

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New Web Platform

Shelley Video has officially existed now for about two and a half years. To move into our next phase of business growth, we are switching web platforms. This has been a long time coming. I originally designed our website on Adobe Muse. Unfortunately, because of my limitations as a web designer, it was too difficult to set up and maintain in a way that would allow the site to be easily found through Google searches. SEO, SSL Certificates, algorithms, and who-knows-what-all were just too overwhelming for me. So I am finally switching over to Squarespace, an all-in-one web design platform that will be much easier to keep up with and will hopefully help my website to come up when someone like a business owner or a bride in the area Googles “videographer near me.”

New Blog

With this new platform I hope to be consistently writing blog posts about my different video projects, the people we meet and places we see, my gear, the things I am learning, exciting news, some behind-the-scenes, and how we as a family continue moving forward.

How You Can Help

If you want to support us, please visit the website whenever you think of us and take a look around at any new videos we have done, check out our blog occasionally, share any posts or videos that you have a particular interest in, and/or leave us a comment. The more traffic we have on the website, the higher the chance our site will show on Google searches and the more easily it will be for potential clients to find us. You really can make a difference.


My wife and I are living in Greensboro in a wonderful house that we bought in January 2018.

With our video jobs, Caitlin and I shoot on location together and I handle the post-production and administrative sides of the business. We have also spent the last several summers doing the videos and photos for Mountain Top Youth Camp in Pinnacle, NC. While videography is my primary work, I occasionally do some substitute teaching at the school where I taught for four years, teach a few guitar students, and do some academic tutoring. Caitlin also does a couple of part-time things, including teaching at a homeschool co-op called EMMA.

At the end of the summer, we finished a long process of getting licensed to take care of foster children in need of a temporary home. We were immediately placed with a precious baby girl that we have had for six weeks so far. We don’t know how long this chapter of our lives will last, but we are committed to sticking with it as long as we feel that the Lord is leading us to continue with it.