Professional wedding videos allow you to relive the special moments of that important day in a way that nothing else can. Whether you hire us not, think seriously about what it would take to hire videographers and which company you might want that to be. It is an amazing experience to be able to rewatch the footage, hear the beautiful words that are spoken throughout the day, see the look on each other’s faces when you are together for the first time, watch your friends and family enjoy the festivities, and notice all of the things that helped make your day so special.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the answers to our FAQs.


1. What are the pricing options?

Our pricing packages all include two videographers for a full day, the potential use of our more than $15,000-worth of equipment, post-production, and the final product delivered on a USB flash drive.

When selecting your wedding video package, you have the choice of whether or not the highlight video will include one song (3-6 minutes) or two songs (6-8 minutes). Both options also come with a 20-40 second video that can be shared on Instagram. You can also choose whether or not to add on the optional full ceremony video, engagement video, a copy of all the raw footage, and much more.

If you are considering booking us for your wedding, go to the contact page and submit a form so we can send you our pricing document.

2. How long will we have to wait to receive the final product?

We are contractually obligated to deliver the final product within 4 months of the wedding date, though we are normally able to deliver it within 1-2 months. This just depends on how many projects we are currently working on.

3. Will we feel uncomfortable with the number of cameras around us?

We are only as involved as you want us to be. We shoot a lot with telephoto lenses, which allows us to be out of the way as we get candid shots. We work in tandem with the photographers, allowing them to lead most of the day so as to not overwhelm the couple. We also do our best to not to disrupt during the ceremony while still getting the shots we need.

4. How do we handle payment and the deposit?

To officially book us, you will need to turn in a completed contract and the deposit, which is 10% of the total package amount. The remaining balance will be paid prior to 2 weeks before the wedding date. Taxes will not be added on top of the package price. The only additional expenses would be travel fees depending on the location of the wedding day festivities and a 3% transaction fee if you choose to pay with a credit card.