Old Posts, Old Website

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First Launch of the Website - 5.20.17

Today we are launching the Shelley Video website.  We are so excited about having this website go live and we hope you are enjoying looking around.

I have always enjoyed making videos, but the conception of the idea for Shelley Video has greatly increased my enthusiasm for this incredible medium of storytelling.  The thought of turning my hobby into a career/part-time career opportunity drove me to recently invest a lot of time and resources into developing my skills and knowledge about business, video creation, website design, video equipment, and drone piloting.  I am looking forward to continuing those developments, making videos over the coming months and years, and seeing how God will lead us as we seek to glorify Him through the stories we tell.

Thank you so much for visiting the site and we hope you will tell others about us.  If you experience any bugs in the user interface or have any suggestions for how to make this site better, please contact us and let us know your ideas.  The website was designed using Adobe Muse.

Full Time Videography - 7.24.18

A few months ago, we moved from doing Shelley Video part-time to it being a full-time job!  It was a big move, but we have been so thankful for how things have gone ever since!  We have big plans for the future and are excited to see what happens along the way!  In addition to weddings, we are doing business promotional videos, events, real estate videos, and other projects.

Added Digital Video Transfer to Our List of Services - 12.26.18

We now offer Digital Video Transfer services!  If you have any old VHS, VHS-C, or 8mm tapes with old home videos that you want saved forever to be watched on your TV or computer or shared online, hire us to digitize those tapes.  Email us and we will send you our pricing document.  The price starts at only $10 per tape!