“Transfer Your Memories”

We can take old home video tapes and transfer the footage to digital files that can be viewed on your computer and TV and that you can pass on to generations to come.

Formats we can transfer: VHS, VHS-C, Hi8mm, DVDs

Through this service, your tapes will be transferred to a USB drive. The footage on each tape will become a separate file(s) on the USB drive. Before delivering the tapes, if you label them in a particular order, they will be transferred in that order onto the USB drive.

For an additional cost, the videos can be edited per the specific requests of the client. This may include trimming the beginnings and ends of the clips, combining different videos into longer videos, adding text into parts of the videos, putting it to music, etc.


5+ tapes: $15 per tape
10+ tapes: $14 per tape
20+ tapes: $13 per tape
30+ tapes: $12 per tape
40+ tapes: $11 per tape
50+ tapes: $10 per tape